Stephanie Lopez Gilmore

Personal Trainer, TRX Coach,
Group Fitness Instructor &

Health and Wellness have been a passion of Stephanie's for over 12 years. After dealing with a few family tragedies, she made the bold move to change careers and pursue a career in health and wellness.  Stephanie became a certified personal trainer and enrolled in a nutrition course to help assist her existing clients. She fell in love with nutrition coaching but felt that something was missing and enrolled in an extensive program at the Health Coach Institute/Holistic MBA. Stephanie's clients had an understanding of what foods are optimal for their health but they still struggled with changing their eating habits. She knew that a diet plan was useless if they never implemented it. Her mission is to provide her clients the tools they need to create healthy, sustainable habits that are both fun and easy to maintain. Stephanie is currently enrolled in a 2 year Ayruveda Practitioner Program, a sister science medical program of yoga that focuses on healing the whole body though movement, nutrition, meditation, and herbs.


“I contacted Stephanie after being fed up with the results of working out on my own. I knew I needed professional help and that extra push. Stephanie has been such a blessing to my life and my wellness journey. Not only did she give me a plan for exercise, but she also helped me tackle my diet. With Stephanie's help, I've lost about 30 pounds in 3 months. I still have 50 more to go, but I'm confident Stephanie will help me get there. What I love about her nutrition plans is that she stays away from FAD diets and helps you find a wellness plan that fits within your lifestyle. Because of that it's much easier to stick with it than with other diets I've tried in the past. She's also super sweet and knowledgeable. She's a great addition to Franklin Athletic Club! Love her TRX training class too (Holiday Weight Loss Challenge)!"


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