Franklin Athletic Club has one of the finest staff of personal trainers in the Metro Detroit area. All of our personal trainers are certified fitness professionals, who have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and effective workout experience. They will assist in the design and implementation of a program to meet your specific objectives.

Our Personal Trainers Are:

  • Certified Personal Trainers through nationally accredited certifying organizations.

  • Certified in CPR and First Aid.

  • Have at least one year employment at Franklin Athletic Club.

A trainer's rate is subject to change without notice. To inquire about a specific trainer or for assistance in selecting the right trainer for you, please call Lisa Soverinsky at (248) 352-8000, ext. 273 or email her using the form on the right.

Need some help staying motivated?

Team Personal Training involves two to five clients, working out together, trained by one Certified Personal Trainer. Whether you need to jump-start your fitness routine or if you are bored with your workout, let the Personal Trainers at Franklin Athletic Club help you reach your goals with our Team Personal Training sessions. You can form your own group with family or friends, or join a group based on similar goals, including training for a specific event or activity.
A skilled Personal Trainer will be there to make sure that your individual goals are addressed at a fraction of the cost of private personal training.

Benefits of Team Personal Training include:

  • Motivation and inspiration in a team environment

  • Dramatic improvements in your physical well-being and self-confidence

  • Increased strength and endurance

  • Loss of inches and firmer body

What is the Pro-Fitness Program?

The Pro-Fitness Program enables fitness clubs and personal trainers to deliver the most direct path to fitness goals and success for club members and personal training clients.

The Pro-Fitness Program has been developed over a 20-year period through exposure to numerous fitness facilities in Canada and the USA. The founders of this program have created a breakthrough for personal training in the fitness industry and have a passion for "continuous and never-ending improvement" to a concept that is now recognized as a "benchmark" standard for other fitness clubs and personal trainers to follow. 

The secret to the success of this program is in the 1.5 hour Fitness Consultation Appointment that the member has with a fitness consultant - 3 fitness consultations a year are strongly recommended. 

​Based on the information collected and testing that takes place, the fitness consultant provides recommendations to the member which may or may not include personal training - in many cases, it is strongly recommended that the member meet with a personal trainer.​In cases where the member does not meet with a personal trainer, a program is designed by that personal trainer, based on the recommendations that came up as a result of the fitness consultation. Programs are designed using special Pro-Fitness Program principles which will help the member on to the most direct path to achieving their health and fitness goals.

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