Stephanie Lamb

Personal Trainer

Stephanie Lamb is Certified personal trainer through The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Her passion is fitness and she loves to work with all types of people. Her goal is to make her clients feel confident and succeed in their fitness journey. Stephanie has a outgoing personality and wants her clients to work hard, love their body & having fun while doing it. She graduated from University of Toledo in 2006 with a degree in health & human services and a minor in Physical Education. Stephanie is also a group fitness instructor though Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) with 6 years of experience teaching classes like Cardio Barre, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Dance. She is also classically trained in modern, hip-hop & jazz with over 10 years of experience. 

Reggie O'Bryant

Personal Trainer, AFAA

Reggie is one of Franklin Athletic Club's premiere fitness trainers, with over fifteen years of fitness and nutrition experience. His expertise are in the areas of weight management, body sculpting, gaining flexibility and core strengthening. As one of Reggie's client he will work diligently with you to develop a personalized program, which may include boxing and personal training, group exercise and nutrition consulting. Reggie is known for his "Reggie's Boot Camp" Class that emphasizes: calorie burning and body toning, an overall excellent cardio workout.

Renee Stein

Personal Trainer, ACE

Renee is a Certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2004, and became certified shortly after. Renee enjoys working with women and men of all ages, and varying levels of fitness ability. She works with clients that have different needs including weight management, increasing strength and flexibility, and disease prevention. Renee develops exercise programs that efficiently help her clients reach their fitness goals, stay motivated, and take the next step towards becoming healthier and feeling better for the rest of their lives. A healthy lifestyle is the best preventative medicine.

Marggio Castro

Personal Trainer  |  Read Marggio's Testimonials

Marggio’s 25 years of 100% natural, efficient and effective personal training will get you your money’s worth! Marggio is always assessing your technique and form to make sure you achieve your fitness goals at any age, children through seniors. His past clients include athletes such as tennis players, golfers, boxers, basketball players and dancers. Marggio also specializes in clients with minor to severe injuries and illnesses such as auto accident, post-surgical, rehab, and diabetes. Marggio is proud to be the strength and conditioning coach for the “Train Like a Pro” Kids Tennis program. His intense training though the Canadian College of Massage and WITS Personal Training program gives Marggio “the edge” in identifying your areas of improvement and most appropriate muscle groups to focus on during your training. Marggio’s clients will receive the benefits of a comprehensive and fun health and fitness program to slim down and shape up. Whether you want to look fabulous on your “special day” (wedding, anniversary, vacation, etc…) or preparing for a sport tournament, you’ll feel confident working with Marggio towards that goal. 

Kris Petrov

Personal Trainer, AFAA

Kris Petrov has been personal training at Franklin Athletic Club for over fifteen years now. He has background in Exercise Science, and is certified as a personal trainer through AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America). Kris works with people of all ages who are interested in physically improving their lives. He specializes in weight management, strength training, flexibility, injury prevention, and overall fitness. He has experience working with people who are returning to their physically active lifestyles after undergoing injury-repairing surgeries. That includes hip and knee replacements, shoulder and knee ligament repairs, and other various bodily injuries.

George "Mr. Motivation" Jones

Personal Trainer

George Jones was born in Detroit, Michigan. He arrived in Germany in 1989 as a soldier for the U.S. Army. George was the Drill instructor and leading fitness instructor for the Army and since then has made a name for himself both on the music scene and in the fitness industry. George was a sparring partner to the German Heavyweight Boxing Champ Kim Webber, and Middleweight contender Jerry Elliott. George was founder, choreographer, lead singer, and songwriter of the popular group, Mr. President, earning a gold record for their hit "Up'n Away." He first publicly combined his love of music and exercise as a fitness trainer for The Big Diet/"The Biggest Loser", a daily television show produced in Endemol, Germany where overweight contestants competed to lose pounds and get into shape. He starred in popular German fitness show "Come On Baby" (view episodes here), and wrote a column in Glamour Magazine (Germany) for two years. George currently splits his time between Detroit, Michigan and Cologne, Germany where he continues to write, produce, and perform music as well as promote his fitness methods as a popular guest on talk, news, and entertainment shows.

Phil Moser

Personal Trainer, NASM

A NASM Certified Trainer that designs workouts around a client's goal. With an MMA, Crossfit, Yoga, and Military background, there is no doubt a diversity in a training session. Phil has competed and placed in multiple martial arts tournaments. Kind and courteous, he works with men, women, and children of all ages, young and old. Whatever goal a client may have, Phil will ensure they meet it as quickly and as safely as possible.

Michelle Adams

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Counselor, NPTI

Michelle Adams is a positive and passionate Personal Trainer who approaches clients with a goal-specific program that emphasizes on balancing strength training and diet.  She is certified in both Personal Training and Nutrition through the National Personal Training Institute. Michelle graduated from Central Michigan University, is an avid runner, football fan, and mom. Her strength training programs focus on form and body awareness. Her meal plans and nutrition counseling focus on real-life practical applications of an understanding that food is fuel for our fitness goals. She believes in providing her clients the tools, in both fitness and diet, to work smarter not harder. It is through this, that they can reach and maintain their goals.

Nick Mellon

Personal Trainer

Nick is Personal Trainer with a passion for fitness, and enriching his community. During his time in the Navy, Nick was appointed supervisor of his unit helping them stay within the Navy’s fitness standards as well as overseeing day-to-day operations. He has continued this service mentality by partnering with a handful of police departments, churches, doctors, and nonprofit organizations providing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle support. He has made it his life’s mission to help people improve their lives by instilling healthy mindsets that can be applied to all aspects of life. He gives every client a individualized program in congruence with their goals and current physical state. He stays on par with cutting edge techniques and methodologies in the fitness and wellness sphere to always bring his clients the very best. Nick has a variety of specialties including low back conditioning, strength training, mobility and stabilization, and metabolic improvement. He has successfully helped clients meet their goals regardless of previous health conditions/concerns such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, and hypothyroidism. If you’re looking for a trainer with a whole body approach that lives and breaths his work contact Nick today and see how he can help you meet your goals!

Stephanie Lopez Gilmore

Personal Trainer, TRX Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, & Nutritionalist

Read Stephanie's Testimonials

Health and Wellness have been a passion of Stephanie's for over 12 years. After dealing with a few family tragedies, she made the bold move to change careers and pursue a career in health and wellness.  Stephanie became a certified personal trainer and enrolled in a nutrition course to help assist her existing clients. She fell in love with nutrition coaching but felt that something was missing and enrolled in an extensive program at the Health Coach Institute/Holistic MBA. Stephanie's clients had an understanding of what foods are optimal for their health but they still struggled with changing their eating habits. She knew that a diet plan was useless if they never implemented it. Her mission is to provide her clients the tools they need to create healthy, sustainable habits that are both fun and easy to maintain. Stephanie is currently enrolled in a 2 year Ayruveda Practitioner Program, a sister science medical program of yoga that focuses on healing the whole body though movement, nutrition, meditation, and herbs.

Juilian Loredo

Personal Trainer, XR Boxing Instructor

Tamara (Tammy) Donaldson

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

Tamara is a professional fitness instructor who specializes in personal training and group fitness. She currently teaches water aerobics and is a personal trainer at Franklin Athletic Club. She is  part of the mental wellness program The Wise Decision in downtown Detroit. After 12 years in the medical field Tamara decided it was time for a change. She wanted to bring happiness to her life and others, so she decided to take personal training to another level by studying and becoming a certified personal trainer through Body Design University, which is a top ranking school for personal training based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tamara gained knowledge of the body through class lectures along with an internship highlighting proper exercise form, working with injuries, and detailed nutrition plans based on clients' needs and goals. Her satisfaction comes when her clients see and feel results. For Tamara, it's extremely rewarding to help someone reach their goals and get to physical and mental levels only dreamed of.

Kristina Novichenko

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant

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