“Marggio is very professional. He focuses on correct posture and techniques to avoid injuries. He starts with small steps to prepare you first based on your baseline and then gradually progresses to an extensive workout. Now I'm doing things that I could not do a few month ago. I have built up my muscle mass that really helps my joints and posture. Now working on weight loss and improving metabolism. "

Ma H.

“I am very pleased with the personal training I had with Marggio. I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee last year and needed guided training to improve the strength and decrease the pain in my knee. Marggio is very knowledgeable in medical physical training. Through his dedicated work with me and his ability to vary the workout depending oh how my knee was hurting at the time, my knee has improved so much that now I am doing exercises that I couldn't in the beginning because it hurt too much. He has also covered many forms of physical improvement such as balance, strength and endurance. I am so grateful for Marggio, he is a good and thoughtful trainer."


“I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee and I knew I had to take charge of my recovery so by the end of September I became a member of FAC and started with Marggio as my trainer. He has put me through a varied and complete training, working on mobility and strength recovery of my knee and muscles governing it. Trust me he truly puts me through a tough workout which can be painful. But as anyone knows you have to continue through the pain and then you still have to continue.
I am slowly feeling stronger with less pain.  
Today I got proof that my knee and leg muscles were stronger.
I had a deep massage. 
The massage therapist and I agreed that my knee and leg muscles were stronger and there were no knots. I don’t know the jargon, but I do know the difference in my legs, walking and pain level.
Marggio puts me through a complete and varied routine that covers the whole body with not over taxing any one part. 
Marggio is a caring and knowledgeable trainer."


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