Cardio Classes

XR Kickboxing

Join us for a high-energy, muscle sculpting cardio-kickboxing experience suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS! XR Kickboxing combines traditional punching with a hanging heavy bag and kickboxing choreography with portions of body weight resistance training. Kickboxing burns calories and improves balance and agility.  Hone your skills and intensify your boxing workout with Franklin Athletic Club. (Non-Member Registration)


60min. ride with a mixture of intervals, drills, and hills with a variety of speed & tensions. Each ride may take you on a different path and focus, just be prepared to sweat!

Power Ride (45 min)

45min. ride for the riders looking for that intense experience. We highly recommend you wear cycle shoes and a heart rate monitor for this class and be prepared to work!

Dance Cardio Classes


The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.

Cardio Dance Jam

Come join the fun in this high energy, fat burning class, with easy-to-follow routines. Keep your body in shape with this dance inspired class that won't even feel like a workout.
60 minute workout.

Latin Heat

This class is hot, hot hot! Burn calories while you shake up your workout through Latin-fused dance moves from the Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Salsa, and more. It's a great way to get those sculpted hips, legs, and abdomen.

Strength Classes

Total Strength

This class is all about muscle conditioning. No high impact movement, just strength training with a variety of equipment working on stability and increased strength!

Power Flex

An awesome weight training class using the body bar equipment & hand weights! You can make this a heavy or light weight workout depending on your needs.

Power Burn & Sculpt

Power Sculpt Fitness (PSF) is a strength training and cardio class designed to strengthen and lengthen your entire body while burning tons of calories. Classes include resistance training, cardio intervals, and flexibility sequences in a unique way using weight, TRX, bosu balls, and more!

Core & Stretch (45min)

An intense, rock-solid abdominal & core workout.

Barre Intensity

Barre workout METHOD. Barre Intensity® combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. We incorporate small isolated movement to fatigue the muscles, large range motion to elevate the heart rate, and sequencing that incorporates upper and lower body to make every minute count.

Booty Blast

Our booty blast class is a comprehensive lower body workout that will tone and tighten from your abs to your hips all the way down to your heels. The classes are designed and taught so you will improve and strengthen isolated muscle groups in your butt, legs, hips, lower back, inner and outer thighs.

Aqua Classes

Water Fitness

A cardio workout that gets your body moving in large range of motion, easy to follow choreography in a supportive water environment that will challenge your cardio endurance. Suitable for YOUNG AT HEART participants

Cardio & Strength Classes

Strength Blast

Improve strength and stamina with this weight training class mixed with easy to follow cardio intervals. A total body workout for all levels using a variety of equipment.

Total Body Mix

Come Experience a class like no other at Franklin. Be surprised from week to week with a variety of different cardio moves (boxing, basic step, hi-low, mini-tramps, boot camp) and strength (tubing, balls, weights, body bars). All levels welcome.

Boot Camp

Unique training session with one of our top personal trainers…BOOT CAMP STYLE! Get back to the heart of fitness with drills and skills in an athletic circuit format.

TRX Tabata

Tabata intervals can be used to supercharge your TRX Suspension Training or Rip Training workouts. The basic HIIT technique is to alternate periods of extremely high intensity exercise with short rest periods for a specified number of sets.

TRX Circuit

TRX Strength & Core: Build muscle and support a healthy body with this essential TRX strength workout. TRX Cardio Circuit: Get your blood pumping with this TRX circuit class that will utilize other equipment along with the suspension trainers to obtain maximum anaerobic results. There will be sweat.

Step & Strength

Get moving with this cardio-step based class that incorporates plyometrics, strength training and fun cardio moves. Bring up your heart rate, break a sweat, have a blast with upbeat music. This class is great for all fitness levels.

Pilates & Yoga Classes

Mat Pilates

Lengthen & strengthen all the muscles of the body with emphasis on the ‘core’. This class may or may not use small equipment such as foam roller, power rings, balls, etc.

Pilates Barre

A mixture of Pilates Mat and Barre exercises. Utilizes the ballet bar to focus on centering and core. A great lower body workout with easy to follow, fun movement for all.

Hatha Yoga

This is a yoga class which concentrates on physical health and mental well-being. Hatha yoga uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation techniques (dyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind.

Yoga Fusion

This blending of techniques focuses on combining mind and body exercises with the benefits of strength, aerobics, balance and flexibility.

Power Yoga

Yoga designed for all levels - you will be guided in regression and progression of postures. Flowing movements with series of holds to work deep into the muscles tissue. Let the breathe guide the movement. Taking Yoga to the next level.

Slow Flow Yoga

A beginner to intermediate yoga flow (Vinyasa) at a slower pace. An abbreviated version of Vinyasa incorporating slow flow Vinyasas with Hatha yoga postures.

Vinyasa Yoga

A continuous flow of movement & breath using the transitional Vinyasa flow to connect postures and create warmth allowing you to open up into greater flexibility and strength.

Restorative Yoga

Nidra (All Levels) This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. It is conscious relaxation and makes use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health.

Healthy Backs

Focuses on balancing strength and flexibility. ... We combine Yoga poses to create greater awareness for posture and movement, helping you to learn ways to maintain a limber and strong body. This is a therapeutic class for students with chronic pain or injuries, and no yoga experience is necessary.


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