Whether you are a beginner or an expert,
we have the right program for you!
Our AQUA Swim School staff follow a very detailed and unique curriculum designed and built with over 50 years of swim and teaching experience! We divide our swimmers into 7 levels depending on their age and skill level.

Learn to Swim - Group Lessons

(starting at 3 months old)

Our group lessons teach swimmers valuable swimming skills in a small group setting. By keeping the class size small, you can be sure swimmers....

Duration: 30 minutes   

Frequency: 1-3 times per week

Ratio: 1:4

Free lessons for kids 3-6 months!

One-on-One Lessons

(available for all ages)

Give your swimmer the benefit of a personal and custom designed swim lesson.

Duration: 30 minutes   

Frequency: 1-3 times per week

Ratio: 1:1

Competitive Swim Team

Our competitive swim team is for swimmers who are comfortable in deep water and are ready to begin developing their endurance and perfect their technique under our certified coaching staff. AquaClub is registered with USA Swimming and competes in swim meets year round.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Frequency: 3-6 times per week

Aqua Babies
For our 3 years and younger we are all about safety, comfort, balance, increased strength, buoyancy and fun! We are not trying to create backstrokers and freestylers just yet!
Aqua Fish Preschool (ages 3 - 5 years)
Aqua Fish focus on developing personal water safety and beginning swimming skills that is properly designed for children about 3 -5 years of age. Still giving them the fun environment of songs and games to help them learn but introducing them to stroke and skill terminology that will be used through out their AquaClub experience.

Youth (ages 5 years and older)
AquaCubs is where the basic skills and development of all four strokes are done. The swimmers will be given all they need to know to be prepared to continue to the competitive swim teams.
Contact AquaClub by phone at  (248) 403-0364 or use the form above.
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